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003: Creating a Heart-Centred Business in the Resources Sector with Dani Tamati

Creating a heart-centred business in the Resources Sector whilst being a mama to 4 and a FIFO wife with Dani Tamati

In this episode you’ll hear how Dani (who was once called the Pilbara Princess):

  • created her business in her shed,
  • how she has grown that business using the power of word of mouth and utilising social media to the best of her ability,
  • how running her own business has enabled her to be there for her kids and to give back to her community and
  • how her love of helping people has helped her to have a big impact in this sector whilst developing new friendships and connections.

In Dani’s words, if you want to make a difference, you have to pick up your big girl panties!

Dani is a Resource Industry recruitment specialist, careers practitioner, HR manager, OHS advisor, a mentor and the the founder of the The Resources Hub – a careers, talent and recruitment company dedicated to the resources industries including civil, construction, mining and oil and gas.

Dani has been interviewed and appeared on ABC Nationwide, Today Tonight and Channel 9, Sunday Times, Perth NOW and is a regular on ABC Drive National radio and I am honoured and very grateful for her time in talking to me. She is also a winner in the 2016 AND 2015 Top 100 Influential Person of the Year .

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002: Befriend your Inner Critic with Amy Madden

Meet Amy Madden, the Inner Critic Analyst who hasn’t met an inner critic she doesn’t like.

Amy and I chat about:

  • her experience of creating her business,
  • blending her personal experience with her professional skills, 
  • how her brush with her own inner-critic led her to helping other women befriend their inner-critic,
  • why the inner-critic likes to isolate you, and
  • why we must remember that we don’t have to do this alone.

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001: Unjuggling your Juggling Act with Jana Kingsford

Want to know how to do it all? Searching for ways to bring that elusive balance into everyday while juggling kids, business and big dreams – meet Jana Kingsford and learn how to unjuggle your juggling act and how to act from your heart. We talk about breakdowns before breakthroughs, how to meet your self-belief, enjoying rather than enduring and Jana shares her approach to productivity (she sees it as a spiritual act) and the three things that she does every day.

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Recommended Books:

  • What I know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey
  • The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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000: Mitle Southey Interviewed by Becky Litwicki

In this opening episode of Dare to Flourish I share a conversation that I had with Becky Litwicki on her Podcast, Gather for Wellness.  If you don’t know me then I hope this gives you a little insight into my adventures in wellness and self-love is the answer. Since this was recorded I have stepped into my role as a Self-Love Mentor and I’m hoping to inspire you to join our self-love movement.

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