About Us


Hello dear Sister

I’m Mitlé: a former lawyer turned Intuitive Guide and Sacred Circle Holder.

I have the joy and the privilege of helping women discover their unique purpose and rediscover their innate self-worth. I work with women who have reached that stage where they are ready to say yes to the deeper purpose of their life and are willing to relinquish feelings of unworthiness to achieve it. This is the work that I love to do – guiding and supporting women to gain self-acceptance and profound clarity to realise their vision.

Dare to Flourish was born from my own experience – it takes courage, commitment and conviction to do things your own way: to dare to be you, to dare to be seen, to dare to be good at what you do, to dare to vulnerable, to dare to be all that you are, to dare to be too much, to dare to be happy, to dare to be successful, to dare to keep showing up, to dare to make mistakes, to dare to face your fears, to dare to trust yourself, to dare to back yourself, to dare to be on a spiritual path, to dare to be YOU.

My deepest desire is to help every woman I connect with to move towards feeling connected, loved, joyful, peaceful, free, fully present in her life and worthy of her vision.

I am a work in progress – I both fully embrace and accept who I am today with love and gratitude whilst also knowing that I’m here to grow, to expand, to deepen my connection to myself, to face my fears and to keep going.

I revel in learning to live intuitively and to truly understand that there is no separation! I want to live in a world defined by love and forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.

I do not believe in a one size fits all, or that one modality will change everything for everyone. I do not believe that we are flawed and need fixing. I do not believe that only some of us can create a life we love.
I do believe in YOU and that you have all you need within you. I do believe that self-worth is essential to living a life of purpose and joy. I do believe in the power of sisterhood support. I do believe that we can each soulfully create our own version of success.

I believe that we can all flourish together – through connecting, collaborating and creating.

I am co-creating a movement for women in business to live their best lives and support each other. I hold a space where women can ask questions, renew their sense of self and catch sight of their long-forgotten dreams.

You can join our on line circle here and connect with like-spirited women in business who are reconnecting with who they are, prioritising self-worth and flourishing.

Self-Worth is the Answer

I continue my personal and spiritual development through the journey of being in business and becoming a mother. What ties the pieces of my journey together is action infused with inspiration.

The adventure that I’ve undertaken has taught me to deeply and completely love and accept myself. I learnt that the most important asset I have, is my relationship with myself.

Life is a reflection of how much you love and accept yourself, how you take care of yourself, how you empower yourself, how you treat yourself, how you embrace your quirks and gifts and how you choose to show up in the world. It’s your life’s work!

I’m with you.

I am you.

I have a desire to support women to step up and dare to flourish.

I bring together self-worth and sisterhood as soulful strategies for success.

I’d love you to join us. You can join the Dare to Flourish community on Facebook where you’ll find likeminded women embracing self-worth and daring to flourish.

With love and gratitude, Mitlé xx