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020 Become sensually embodied and erotically empowered with Isiah McKimmie


Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Coach who has been helping women and couples discover deeper intimacy and desire for over a decade.  

One of the most qualified Sex and Relationship Experts in Australia, Isiah holds a Masters degree in Relational Psychotherapy, a Master degree in Science in Medicine (Sexual Counselling/Psychosexual Therapy), a Post-Graduate Diploma of Sexology and a Certificate from the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality.  

Isiah is passionate about helping women become sensually embodied and erotically empowered. She also helps couples discover more satisfying sex and deeply loving relationships.

This is a deep dive into:

  • Isiah’s personal journey and how she came to be a sexologist and sex therapist
  • the role of a sexologist
  • sexual and emotional intimacy
  • what sensually embodied and erotically empowered mean
  • connecting with your partner outside of the bedroom
  • how she works with women and couples
  • when to seek support and help


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019 A journey through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Meditation Ninja Ashleigh Rae

 Trigger Warning: Ashleigh shares her life journey so far and talks about her experience of sexual abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and mental health issues.

Ashleigh Rae is a spiritual Communicator and Mindfulness Maven, intent on serving other lightworkers and women to heal themselves and continue the ripple effects to heal and bring more peace and love into the world. She is the host of the #BlissedOut Podcast for all things Mindful Living, Soulful Podcasting an Awkward But Necessary Conversations, a Meditation Creator, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner calling on her expertise and experience as a survivor and thriver of sexual abuse and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who loves being in nature, a good coffee, and all the Shrek movies.

In the podcast we explored:

  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Visualisation
  • Ashleigh’s personal journey with sexual abuse and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • The tools and practices that she’s used to support her
  • How she has come through to be blissed out and at peace
  • Intention Setting
  • Self-worth on a daily basis and dealing with sadness and anger
  • The 5 day inner peace challenge
  • How to keep your soul sweet for success
  • Ashleigh’s top tip for joy
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016 Your Power Place with Yelena Kostyugova

Yelena Kostyugova is a healer, shaman and spiritual coach. Yelena’s mission is to help visionary women to become a powerful force of positive change in the world. As a shaman she works with nature to bring restoration of harmony, order and balance to people, places and the world. Yelena runs a Facebook group We Are Changing The World and is a leader of Be The Change Tribe.

Yelena works with women who want to have a business that is aligned with their spiritual role, she helps women get connected to their place of power and develop their spiritual “muscles” to have the strength to face the challenges that come up as a spiritually empowered entrepreneur.

This is part one of our interview (because I couldn’t stop asking questions)!

In this conversation you’ll hear:

  • how a lightworker is someone who has a spiritual heart and cares about making the world a better place
  • how women are rising – the divine feminine is rising up and how we get to embody
  • how we are the pioneers – a wave of people stepping up and showing the way – how to be a full human living with the divine feminine
  • Yelena’s perspective on the rising of consciousness – the way me are moving towards that which is whole – masculine and feminine – left and right
  • how we might be feeling our way into being healers who for the first time ever have to ask for money as part of the transaction for our service
  • Yelena’s journey from a young person in a small town in Russia without a big plan for what to do at the end of school to moving to New Zealand living in alignment with her service to spirit
  • how she discovered that by doing what felt right in her heart, she could be guided by the invisible force of her destiny – trust and surrender
  • what to do when resistance comes up, things aren’t flowing and things get hard – should we change direction? Yelena gives her take on what to do when our challenges arise.


Alignment Meditation

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015 Taboos, Witches & the Divine Feminine with The Period Coach, Stasha Washburn


Be Brave! Dive into the wisdom of your cycle.

Join me as I chat with Stasha Washburn, the Period Coach.

We talk about:

  • What Stasha rallies as a woman about.
  • Stasha’s journey to becoming The Period Coach.
  • The history of the taboo around menstruation (and witches).
  • How Sisterhood is revolutionary.
  • The female stress response and how it differs from the male “fight or flight” response and how it effects our need to connect.
  • Why you should you track your cycle.
  • How Stasha healed her own menstrual disorder and experiences a completely symptom free cycle.
  • Creating a world where we know more about our bodies than doctors do.
  • Gaining more knowledge about your own body and your cycle.
  • Empowering your daughters and teenagers.
  • Yoni eggs for cervical health and healing.
  • Tapping into your divine feminine to heal past wounds and ancestral trauma.


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012 Hug Your Hormones with Emma Polette

Welcome to Episode 12

In this episode I talk with my dear friend and biz bestie, Emma Polette.

We started our wonderful conversation with me asking Emma what it means to her to be a women. She feels life is multi-passionate – busy, exciting and stressed all at the same time, with women wearing many hats with family, business and community commitments.

Emma is a qualified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor based in Western Australia and she shares her journey from the corporate world to becoming a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

In this conversation we dive deep into women’s health and hormonal issues and Emma’s personal journey with endometriosis. Before this conversation, I am embarrassed to say, that I had no idea of how debilitating – mentally, emotionally and physically this condition is. It is privilege to discuss this in such an open and honest way – to push aside any taboos and talk about how it really affect women’s lives.

At the time of recording this, Emma was scheduled for major surgery to have a hysterectomy and shares her self-care support program, including self-forgiveness, tapping, daily journaling and honouring herself as a woman each day and using a monthly womb blessing ritual (inspired by Sara Brooke).

Emma is now on a mission to inspire other women to show themselves love and compassion and kindness and address hormonal imbalance through health and fitness. She is launching her podcast: Hug your Hormones

To stay healthy and balanced Emma enjoys regular meditations and also –

  • chakra cards to support her daily
  • by noticing how her body feels through personal intuition
  • gratitude journal and daily journaling

She has also received great support from Kinesiologist Kerry Rowett

Emma’s tip for making changes is to take action. It’s great to have the knowing of what to do, but you achieve things by actually ‘doing’ and taking action.

For any women dealing with hormonal health issues Emma suggests reading Rushing Women Syndrome by Dr Libby Weaver.



011 Healing, Health & Harmony with Tracy O’Meara Smith


In this episode I’m chatting with the lovely Tracy O’Meara Smith who is a Perth-based Holistic Health Practitioner ( This a a deep and meandering conversation with a woman who I have formed a beautiful connection with.
We actually recorded this episode several weeks ago but I really wanted it to be the first episode released in 2017.
Tracy shares deeply about her own healing journey and her spiritual journey.  This conversation takes on a life of it’s own and I know that I could sit down and record another episode with Tracy and it would be unique and magical again.
I hope you enjoy the unfolding of this conversation.

Tracy believes that women of this world are here to awaken and enlighten us and that it starts within the family.If we keep peace and harmony in our home, it is reflected everywhere.

We talk about:

  • How she embraces both the feminine and masculine part of herself
  • Her experience from mental health issues to healing through knitting
  • How she found psychotherapy, aromatherapy and energy medicine
  • Her discovery and passion of Emmett and Bowen Therapy and also Flower Essences
  • How her step towards helping others began through surrendering towards a way to health
  • Why we need to honour our journey, as we’re all worthy of love and support
  • When we find harmony within ourselves amazing things happen

She shares how:

  • She accepts people as they are
  • She operates professionally from a sense of service, not allowing her own opinion to effect the healing
  • Believing in who you are and what you do allows peace
  • She enjoys learning more, staying fresh with ideas and how new clients are then presented to her
  • When we heal others we take ourselves out of the equation as it’s not about us

The modalities Tracy uses are –

  • Bowen Therapy – works on connective tissue
  • Emmett Therapy – uses the body’s natural receptors to find natural alignment
  • Tissue Salts – work at a cellular level
  • Flower Essences – takes subconscious to conscious through the vibration of certain flowers

which are all powerful ways to help the body heal at a cellular level and help our bodies reconnect with our spirit and our mind.

Tracy shares her daily self-love practices:

  • 5 minutes daily in her sacred space, with a lit candle and a dynamic meditation
  • Daily journaling
  • Being light with life – giving herself a ‘break’, seeing the good in what she’s done and how far she’s come

Tracy’s final word is;

“No matter what you’re going through there’s always a greater wisdom, and even though we’re in amongst it, all is well and to trust that. Finding inner trust will give you the greatest foundation you can give yourself”

To find more inspirations from Tracy please visit her website, Facebook page and monthly Blogs.

010 Making a Big Impact with Anna Chisholm

In this episode I enjoy an inspiring conversation with Anna Chisholm ( on her journey from social worker, to being a mum and becoming a health coach.

Anna is a plant based health coach and also an experienced podcast host on her show ‘Big Impact’ which is an interview series with people making big impacts in the health and wellness space, especially with plant based nutrition.

She shares her methods for a healthy life through plant based eating, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and through her background as a social worker she is able to work at a deeper level with her clients.

Anna shares her interesting journey to her health coaching business;

  • How a fatal car crash as a young age lead her to helping others through a career as a social worker
  • Studying at university in Sydney training as a social worker
  • Practised for 10 years in hospitals in Sydney and London
  • After experiencing burnout retraining as a personal trainer as she always enjoyed movement and being active
  • Returning to Sydney to work as a social worker while pregnant with her daughter
  • How she experienced burnout again whilst pregnant with her son and knew it was time for a change
  • In 2013 she was influenced by beautiful food and wellness bloggers and the information being shared
  • While taking a year’s maternity leave she completed an online course in Integrated Nutrition and began a new direction as a health coach

Her passion for plant based health began while living in London with her husband. He made the decision to go vegan, and soon after she decided to join him.

Through trial and error and also time to complete research, they found healthy nutritious food ideas that focused more on health benefits.

More studies followed with Anna completing a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition and she began sharing the benefits to health and also healing through a plant based diet.

Anna’s client’s come to her for support on how to adopt plant based eating, and especially for mums to improve their health and wellness.

Anna gives her views on the paleo v’s plant based diets and how there is actually a few common messages, including eating fresh fruit and vegetables and no dairy.

Plant based diets include whole foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Anna suggests we have a responsibility to confirm scientific research on all foods, for example butter and coconut oil. She recommends that we read independent studies to look at all information provided to make correct choices for our health.

I ask Anna to share her tips for self-love and self-care. Other than her healthy eating and exercise she includes–

  • Daily walking alone – no trainers, no kids, no messages or notifications, just enjoying quiet space to think and connect with herself.
  • Daily meditation – which can be a few minutes of breathing exercises or a guided mediation.

Anna has an amazing health coach herself, who is also one of her close friends. She also has a business coach and close family who are very supportive. Her husband is also incredibly supportive and they work as a great team together.

She explains how she found running a business from home has its benefits of flexibility, especially with small children, but can be isolating at times due to a lack of regular deep connection with others.

For inspiration Anna listens to Rich Roll Podcast (plant-based endurance athlete) as well as following

She also loved reading ‘Rising Strong’ by Brene Brown.

If you’re inspired to learn more about a healthy, plant based lifestyle join Anna’s 21 day Smoothie Challenge, for ideas on seasonal, fresh food.

Also find Anna’s podcast ‘Big Impact’, Blogs with lots of inspiring information and also her Facebook Page.

009 Being A Creatress of Beauty with Nora Wendel

In this episode I’m chatting with the beautiful and fascinating Nora Wendel from her stunning location in Bali.

Nora is the ‘Creatress of Beauty’ and has a great passion for all things beautiful and to surround herself with things that bring beauty to herself and the people around her.

I enjoy discussing with Nora;

  • How she’s recently rebranded her website to define more of who she is and what she loves.
  • Her life growing up in Kathmandu, Nepal and early years in a boarding school in India.
  • Her global, nomadic life and how this influences her design style.
  • How she had a creative passion from a very young age.
  • Her studies of Fine Art and a degree in Audio Engineering.
  • Back to a living in India and starting a jewellery making business while living in Delhi.
  • How creating graphics through the use of her own photographic images lead Nora towards becoming a graphic designer
  • Establishing a business ‘Hey Yogi’ ( to provide graphic design for people in yoga industry

Following on from this many people asked Nora for graphic design work which lead to her becoming the ‘Creatress of Beauty’ and she now provides graphic design work for women entrepreneurs.

We discuss life in Delhi and the importance of close friends around her.

We then continue with;

  • The importance of having a close group of friends around you
  • Her journey of becoming comfortable with letting go of the jewellery business to focus on her new vision
  • How we need to let go of the old to allow something new
  • Moving to South Africa with her boyfriend to help overcome anxiety

Nora shares her beautiful message of knowing it’s ok to be kind to yourself and that everything can be changed.

Nora was understanding the effects of anxiety and how she could gain support through counselling and dance therapy, plus asking for help!

From this process she now incorporates self love and care into her daily rituals.

Although Nora doesn’t consider herself an intuitive person, she is incredible passionate about life and has learned to control her feelings and to let go of things. For her it’s more about going with the flow of her day.

Nora’s daily self-care ritual is about just sitting and enjoying the moment, which is a fantastic way to begin the day.

Checking in with yourself is a perfect way to trust yourself and draw on inner wisdom.

It’s very important for women to have self-trust, as this leads to self-love, self-determination and really believing that you deserve what you are going after.

Nora has now taken her passion for beauty and photography to create a membership-based stock photo business ‘The Photo Forest ( to provide ‘real life’ images to use on websites and her graphic design work.

Nora shares with us the steps taken to create her new business ‘The Photo Forest’ including;

  • How she researched what people’s needs were.
  • Deciding to use a membership model for the business.
  • Coming up with this wonderful name.
  • Funding the website development.
  • Hiring a business coach and being surrounded by a supportive team of women so she didn’t have to do all this alone.
  • Her plans to travel to Australia for photographic work with clients.

Nora shares the term ‘multi-potentialite’ as a description of someone who chooses many passion to persue, rather than one niche area.

‘Don’t choose a niche, craft an overarching theme’ is a quote I’ve recently heard which explains this term.

Nora considers this of herself, as she has many talents, skills and passions and embraces all things of beauty. This shines through in all the work she does.

Her suggestion for gathering inspirations for life and business is through Pinterest. Through her Pinterest Boards Nora gathers and shares beautiful images that inspire her personally and professionally.

She suggests to create boards when designing your website, launching products, creating events and also for travel, nature, colour and anything else that inspires ideas in your life.

Find Nora’s Website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


008 Creating Balance to Flourish with Kinesiologist Claire Tait


The next 50 minutes (or so) is just for you.
This week I’m chatting with Holistic Kinesiologist, Claire Tait who is passionate about helping people live to their full potential. She works from the principle that body, mind and spirit are connected and through the balance of these 3 components, full health can be achieved.
She is a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner with the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association), an Accredited member of the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), an Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and a Reiki Master. She is passionate about her family and friends, great food and wine, a good gym session, yoga, animals and nature, acts of kindness and the appreciation of all the simple things in life. She tries to live in gratitude everyday.
This is one of my favourite episodes so far. Claire talks about
* her evolution through life that has led her to practising kinesiology,
* the loss of her parents within a week of each while she was at university
* her journey with depression following this.
* her family’s decision to leave South Africa and make their home in Australia
* how to embrace balance in our daily lives
* how to balance our masculine and feminine in order to flourish and the importance of doing so
We have a beautiful in depth conversation – the common thread that pulls it all together is balance. It’s not about perfect balance but balance is what we’re seeking.
Claire explores with me her take on spirituality and the importance of our connectedness to all things. We touch on soul lessons and that our souls chose to be here at this time.
Claire’s depth of knowledge and passion shine through this conversation and we manage to touch on so many aspects of life as a woman, as a mother, as an entrepreneur and as a human being. She shares some beautiful tips on how to tune in to your intuition and how to start meditating and her recommended books and teachers.
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Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach
– both available on Booktopia

007 Why we don’t need guilt with Mothering Mentor, Marion Rose


Welcome to episode 7 of the Dare to Flourish Podcast.  This week I’m chatting with Mothering Mentor, Marion Rose.

“I long to live in a world where every child’s feelings are heard, no child is left to cry, no baby is left alone to cry, no mother is left alone to cry”. (Marion Rose)

She helps mothers to be compassionate with themselves and offers effective and long term parenting practices to help our children thrive.  In addition to being an inspiration as a mother and providing powerful tools and techniques that we can embrace on our own mothering journey, she is also a savvy business woman and prolific course maker. If you go to her website (and I recommend that you do) you’ll find about 16 free courses available together with the same amount of paid courses.

In this conversation we explore the concept of guilt and talk about replacing our internalised dialogue. Marion explains her Inner Loving Presence Process.  We of course talk about self-love and sisterhood and she shares her gorgeous recommendation for having empathy buddies – friends who can just be with you while you let your feelings flow and why you may need different friends for different feelings.

We chat about Marion’s take on spirituality – love and compassion in action and listening to our intuition and Marion explains why it is never too late to listen to our child’s feelings or our own feelings.

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