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018 From health crisis to a passion for primal and a purpose-driven business with Helen Marshall

Episode 18 with the fabulous Helen Marshall – in her words: a forty something year old mother of two living in on the South Coast of Western Australia. At age 38 she had a health crisis. She had digestive, hormonal and sleep problems. Everything was utterly overwhelming – even the laundry. Her mood was default ‘life is hard’ and she felt depressed and anxious. Naturally this crisis affected her life – she was a ‘shouty’ Mummy, a ragged libido-less house wife and she couldn’t cope with much more than the daily grind.

Listen on to find out:

  • What it means to Helen to be a woman in the current time and why she loves tech.
  • How the world is getting turned on it’s head as women are learning to put themselves first.
  • How to get past being a tired, depressed, low energy, shouty mum who doesn’t know what to cook for dinner.
  • Her journey to being a go-to source of knowledge on feeling good and how to feed your family on a primal journey.
  • How to follow your passion to become seen as an expert in your field.
  • The best ideas come from the Universe.
  • Realising your full potential and having the balls to do it
  • The Primal Alternative license
  • Building a sisterhood
  • Competition is so 90’s
  • If you are going to start your own business – any shit you have is going to come up!
  • Realise your potential. It’s a journey. Being present in everything I do.

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017 Purpose, Alignment, Soul Astrology with Yelena Kostyguova


This chat with Yelena was so juicy I had to make it a 2 part podcast.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend going back and listening to Episode 16 in which Yelena shares

Her personal story from Russia to New Zealand
How her intuition took her right to where she needed to be and
How to deal with resistance

In this episode we launch into how Yelena serves women by

Taking them from burn-out to a space of divine reality.
Supporting them to retrain their consciousness to be able to sit in that space of divine reality for longer and longer periods of time
Facilitating a shift in illumination and shift in consciousness which creates a ladder for them to go higher in their perspective, enabling them to shift overwhelm and procrastination, and
Getting them into alignment and in their power place.

Yelena shares:

The simple and profound tool she uses to re-orient people and combat resistance and going round in circles
How to stop being attached to our small and painful ideas that are holding us back from living and working in our divine purpose
Her journey with Soul Astrology and learning how to use the shadow side of the traits of each sign to achieve the purpose of your soul
Her Flower Essence journey and how it helped her in way that was completely beyond her expectations and how she develops a person’s flower essence blend from their Ast

rology chart. (I have a blend from Yelena and I call it my magic potion – because it is magic!).

Yelena also explains

Where we are as a collective and how that affects our personal process in regards to our Soul Journey and the evolution of the Soul
How we can start the journey – letting go of the idea that we can just turn on a switch and start evolving



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014 Podcasting and Empire Building with Katie Wyatt



Want to know what gets me nervous?

Hosting a podcast with my podcasting mentor Katie Wyatt!

Podcasting is a natural medium for women; we love to go deep in meaningful conversations and hear the stories of other powerful women, it can help break through the isolation of mothering and being an entrepreneur.

Once I got over my jitters I talked with Katie about:

  • Katie’s passion for podcasting to grow your business. Getting your message out, connecting with influencers in your field, becoming an influencer in your field.
  • The impact podcasting has on your mindset and personal growth as a woman; podcasting as a personal growth journey.
  • Follow Katie’s business journey from the Wellness Entrepreneur to the PodQueen.
  • Katie also shares her very personal and wellness journey and her road to feeling amazing.
  • We discuss the way her tenacity influenced the way she created a family and how she operates as a business woman.
  • Empire building – what is it to Katie and what it means to us as business women – successful business that is built on our own personal brand.
  • Podcasting – have you missed the boat? Or is 2017 a huge opportunity for starting a podcast? Is it too late for you?
  • The number one mistake you don’t want to make when you are pitching yourself and 3 tips for a great pitch.
  • Sisterhood in Katie’s life – how important it is to her and her journey to having “business” friends who really get her.
  • Katie’s spiritual perspective.
  • What podcasts Katie is listening to now.


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013 Calm in the Chaos with Anna Siebert

Anna is a Motherhood Mentor, who works with busy mums to beat overwhelm, stop yelling and enjoy parenting. As a Childbirth Educator, Anna helps parents prepare for their birth to overcome fear, feel confident and come out the other side of birth positive and empowered.

She is the founder of Calm in the Chaos, where mums learn how to feel calm, joyful and confident in modern parenting, and Preparing for Birth, where parents learn how to have a positive birth regardless of how their birth unfolds. Her mission is to take the fear out of birth and the overwhelm out of parenting. Anna runs live workshops, online courses and trainings, and is the author of Preparing for Birth.

This is an uplifting and positive conversation but there is a trigger warning: In this conversation Anna shares her own personal journey and her experiences of postnatal depression and post-natal psychosis and we also talk about birth trauma and sex!  I ask you to think before your listen and make the choice that is in your best interests.

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